Multichannel personalization

Raptor Services provide datadriven Multichannel Personalization. Our technology helps webshops, retailers, and content providers to deliver relevant offers and contents to their customers regardless of touchpoints.

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  • Builds loyalty, enhances customer retention and increases conversion rates
  • Positive ROI and measureable results from day one
  • Provides an open platform and a wide number of integration partners
  • Easy and fast to implement


  • Works on multiple channels, web, email, mobile, etc.
  • Pure Cloud service, no unforeseen hosting and maintenance costs
  • Transparent pricing and no sign up fee
  • Customizable and flexible platform


Raptor Services cooperate with leading retailers and brands to deliver a relevant experience for customers regardless of touchpoints.

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The key to any sale is relevance. Since shoppers are met by a vast variety of choices, it is crucial to create a relevant experience for the individual. Contact Raptor Services and find out how you can implement personalization to ensure relevance for your customers.

  • Behavioral triggers and automated campaigns
  • Realtime recommendations
  • Personalized emails and newsletters
  • Both online and offline
  • Advanced reporting and insights
  • Industry-specific feature packs

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Technical Highlights

  • Identifies patterns and trends in customer behavior
  • Works with any online store
  • Integrates on all platforms
  • Built on state of the art machine-learning algorithms
  • Automated processes
  • Flexible and open API
  • Leverages the value of big data